One Door Closes………….

Free, finally, I feel free.  Away from the addiction, at least for now.  After 37 years, the disease has progressed in all of it’s sadness, weirdness and devastation. 

No more, finally, I said.  I ran.  Saved up money, packed up my crap, my dogs, cats, adult child, elderly mother and high tailed it out of town. 

Walked away from my home of 20 years, let the mortgage company have it.  Let him have it.  Let the drug addicts have it.  I am done. 

Thank God, I am done.

I know I can’t save him.  I do not “hold the key”.  It is his choice.  Sink or Swim.

I must save myself.  I will not help him to kill himself.  I will not watch anymore.  I will not help him to sink.  I do hope he chooses to swim.

Thank God, I am done.   Thank God.  



2 responses to “One Door Closes………….

  1. I’ve followed your words for a long time now, to see you standing up and taking no more both inspires and puts a big smile on my face. Sending you the biggest hugs in the world. If you need anything, anything at all, let me know. A

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