They are gone, so many of them… Heroin Charley, gone, overdosed.   Sasquatch Man, gone….. passed away in his early 60’s……..surely the meth escalated and/or caused the dementia that took him down, I know it did.  I watched it.

Gone, my husband on his way out, only a matter of time.   His job gone, his home soon to be gone, his wife and son gone, his grandchild gone.  His driver’s license gone, car insurance, gone.  His household water, gone.  His electricity, gone tomorrow. 

His teeth, gone.  Even his false teeth, gone, jeri rigged, tweakered up and messed up.  Self respect, gone.  Health, almost gone.  Money, gone. 

Me, gone.  Staying gone.  Away, away, away, from it all.   Peace.


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